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Bow Ties, Nacho Pricing, and the Subscription Economy: The Best Posts We Read This Week

Here are five of the best posts we read this week..

Did you know that a bow tie could be your secret weapon at trade shows? Rather that outfitting sales and marketing personnel with traditional, corporate polo shirts, Visage employees wear bow ties, vests, and jeans. They’ve become recognizable and approachable as a result. B2B: Boring, bland, boorish, beige, bummer? Or bow ties?

Can nacho pricing teach us anything about the rumored iPhone Lite? Rags Srinivasan thinks it can, although my impression is that Apple feels like it just needs to penetrate developing markets. Appetizer pricing and the iPhone Lite

The thank you page is one of the most overlooked pages on a website. It also happens to offer marketers an opportunity to drive additional conversions. That’s because a visitor who takes one action is likely to take a second action. Thank you pages: Examples of 9 missed opportunities

It turns out that email marketers can learn a lot from the Obama campaign’s email efforts. Learn from the hundreds of A/B tests the campaign ran to use email as a fundraising tool. Annoying emails work way better than you’d think: A lesson from the Obama campaign

Whoever comes up with Zuora’s positioning and messaging deserves a medal. Zuora argues that the US is moving to a subscription based economy and that its software will power that economy. It’s really big, aspirational positioning. We love it. Why the US is turning into a subscription-based economy

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