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Give vs Take, Loyalty, and the FBI: The Best Posts We Read This Week

Here are some of the best posts we read this week:

Much of marketing and sales  comes down to deciding when to give and when to take. Are you a giver or a taker? Sales people who have a strong desire to help generate 50% more revenue than their peers. In the Company of Givers and Takers

“People remember the feeling more than they remember the price”. A great cartoon(!) on what what really drives customer loyalty. Print it out and pin it up! Loyalty Is…

Last month’s post on customer engagement continues to be one of our most read. Inspired by the FBI’s Robin Dreeke, it showcases 10 techniques that sales and marketing can use psychology to create deeper engagement with customers. Customer Engagement:  How Marketing and Sales Can Use Psychology to Drive Engagement

Is good content about to put bad sales people out of business? Greg Alexander believes that the future of sales is about content-selling, where buyers can self-direct even the most complex purchases. It’s a transformative idea. Content Selling: In the Future a Great Piece of Content Will Outsell an Average Sales Rep

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to get your customers to keep a diary so that you can understand what they do. It’s as simple as giving them a journal and asking them to record the answers to some simple questions throughout the day. Customer Day in the Life

About the author:  Scott Albro is the CEO and founder of TOPO. TOPO is a research, advisory, and consulting firm that believes in a really simple, but powerful idea – that all revenue can be distilled down to a series of conversions. By connecting everything we do back to this core idea, we help sales and marketing organizations exceed their revenue targets. You can connect with Scott on Twitter.

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