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Heidegger, Twilio, and Apple Retail Therapy: The Best Posts We Read This Week

A handful of the best posts we read this week…

Ever wonder why an unhappy customer is so much more outspoken than a happy one, particularly online? It turns out that anger is simply more viral than happiness. Anger is More Viral than Joy

Marketers are trying to take a more customer-centric approach, but are missing a key point – what Martin Heidegger called “being-in-the-world”. What are Users Up to When they Have an Experience

The Apple retail experience is regarded as one of the best customer experiences in the world. An apple employee provides an inside look at what’s really happening at an Apple store and how it’s all about buyer psychology. Retail Therapy: Inside the Apple Store

There’s something to be said for repeating yourself. Like I said, there’s something to be said for repeating yourself. What Did You Just Say? Thoughts On The Art Of Repeating Yourself

We attended TwilioCon this week. If you don’t know already, Twilio is one of the hottest startups out there. What they’re doing with their cloud-based communications platform is going to change sales and marketing forever. Twilio’s Voice And Text APIs Now Reach 350M People

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