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Hemingway, Humans, and Champions: The Best Posts We Read This Week

A handful of the best posts we read this week…

We’ve long believed that CRM will become a “living, breathing” app where data self-populates, self-recommends, and self-updates. Darian Shirazi outlines a compelling vision for the future of CRM. The CRM Of The Future Will Recommend New Customers To You Automatically

A lot of people have asked why we spend so much time blogging. It’s because some of the world’s fastest growing companies create content before building and launching their product. How To Build Your Audience Well Before Launching Your Product

What can sales and marketing professionals learn from Hemingway? A lot. It turns out he was 70 years ahead of the quantified-self movement and standing desks! 6 Ways To Be A Hemingway-Level Productive Badass

User research receives a lot of attention these days, but very few people know how to gather real insights from “users”. Erika Hall provides a bunch of tips on how to interview people. Even the title is instructive. Interviewing Humans

Craig Rosenberg’s post on content selling and its specific application to champion content apparently struck a chord. It set a new 24 hour traffic record for the TOPO blog. If you didn’t see it, have a look! Content Selling Tactics: Introducing Champion Content

About the author:  Scott Albro is the CEO and founder of TOPO. TOPO is a research, advisory, and consulting firm that believes in a really simple, but powerful idea – that all revenue can be distilled down to a series of conversions. By connecting everything we do back to this core idea, we help sales and marketing organizations exceed their revenue targets. You can connect with Scott on Twitter.

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