Sales Engagement Welcomes the New Era of Buyers

The 2020 pandemic served as an accelerant for shifts in the ways B2B buyers engage with sellers. Buyers need sellers to exceed expectations at every interaction on their preferred—and increasingly digital—channels. Modern revenue leaders recognize that the ethos of buying is transitioning from face-to-face relationship building to facilitating buying decisions virtually. Inside sales is now just sales, and with that comes a tsunami of innovation in the form and scale at which revenue teams create extreme value, share information, deliver insights, orchestrate change, generate data, and manage sellers with technology.

What is Sales Enablement? The question remains but the answer is evolving

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When searching for “Sales Enablement” the most common response is “what is sales enablement?“. Even though the question of “what is sales enablement” has remained steady, the answer is rapidly evolving, from being viewed as sales tool training, sales content, or occasional sales effectiveness training to become a strategic function.

46% of Sales Enablement Teams Expected To Grow Over The Next 12 Months

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The sales enablement function continues to grow— forty-six percent (46%) of teams plan to increase in size in the next 12 months. This growth in headcount will be accompanied by continued spend in technology. The category has seen strong expansion outside of the B2B technology market into new verticals such as Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Life Sciences. While the current extreme work from home environment will subside, a substantial level of remote selling will likely remain and continue to drive demand for sales tech

Sales Development Culture, Only Second To Process In Leading Sales Development Teams

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Sales development reps (SDRs) across multiple markets face an increasingly commoditized and hyper-competitive buying environment. There is a series of major shifts in go-to-market teams that align with successful sales development strategies and the biggest challenges for organizations.

This is What Buyer Personas Look Like When They Actually Get Used

Sales development teams spend their time communicating with prospects to understand their specific challenges, qualify them as a potential customer for the solution, and schedule a meeting with sales. The more they know about the specific personas that they are communicating with, the more relevant their messaging becomes and the more successful that they will be at achieving all three of their objectives.

Effective Prospecting Research to Scale Your Results

Every sales development rep (SDR) needs to do research as part of their prospecting and the more guidance their leaders can provide around this process, the more efficient SDRs can become. A clearly defined process for each stage of prospecting research can help SDRs accomplish one set of tasks then move on to the next set of tasks, rather than wasting time bouncing back and forth between the internet, CRM, and sales engagement platform for prospect information.

Why Sales Dev Stack Innovation Is Getting Smarter While Budgets Get Tighter

Sales development leaders spend their time developing their prospecting strategies and touch patterns, managing and coaching their teams of sales development representatives (SDRs), and measuring the team’s success at scheduling meetings so they don’t have time to do the work required to keep up with all of the latest sales development technology trends. Technology constantly undergoes rapid changes and that’s why TOPO analysts gather data, talk to companies, and watch the sales development technology landscape to discover the latest market trends.

SDR Teams Should Leverage Email Templates for Scalable Prospecting

The job of a sales development rep (SDR) involves a high volume of repetitive tasks aimed at eliciting a response from a prospect. SDRs use different channels to contact prospects multiple times using similar, but slightly different, language based on the situation. The sales development leader is responsible for making the SDR team as effective and efficient as possible by providing proper guidance for this core job function.

Standard Touch Patterns Make SDRs More Efficient and Effective

Touch patterns matter. The job of a sales development rep (SDR) is to contact prospects with engaging, value-based messages so that the prospects will respond and ultimately schedule a meeting. The biggest challenge for an individual SDR is not having enough guidance from management for the touch pattern activities that make up their primary job function.

Sales Development Framework For High-Growth Results

A world-class sales development organization starts with a plan. As the team on the front lines communicating the value of the company to prospects every day, they need to be prepared. TOPO’s framework helps define the necessary strategy, development of processes and procedures, and assembling sales development tech stack for company growth.