Sales Enablement Best Practices: Leveraging Examples from Top-Performing Reps

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In a previous post, Sales Enablement Best Practices: Sales Process is the Foundation, we laid out the TOPO Framework for sales enablement. One of the pillars of sales enablement is skills development. The ideal skills development program has 5 key elements tied to each play in the sales process:

Sales Enablement Best Practices: Sales Process is the Foundation

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TOPO recently completed its 2016 Best Practices in Sales Enablement note. The research includes the study of over 55 high growth B2B organizations. The focus of the research was to understand best practices and processes for delivering world class sales enablement.

Below are some of the key takeaways from the report. If you would like access to the full Best Practices in Sales Enablement research note, contact TOPO for more information on becoming a member of our Sales Practice.

TOPO Sales Operations Council #2 – A Recap

TOPO’s Sales Operations Council #2 gathered over 20 of the brightest sales operations leaders from the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies to the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park last Friday. The morning kicked off with a networking breakfast in which attendees made new connections with their peers and shared best practices. As for the food, the new “eggs benedict in a toasted bagel” was a big hit. The council event officially began with a brief introduction from Craig Rosenberg, TOPO Co-Founder and Chief Analyst, who announced the three speakers for the morning: Bill Schwidder, VP of Business Operations at Zenefits; Tom Gadd Director, Sales Operations at Nitro, Inc; and Dhiraj Singh, Inside Sales and Operations Manager at MemSQL.

The 2016 TOPO Sales Framework

In the not too distant past, you could be fairly confident of succeeding in sales with the right mix of good hiring, training, and motivating your reps to sell. But succeeding is a far cry from excelling. The fact is, you can’t apply a run-of-the-mill approach to sales and expect to drive above-average results. And you certainly can’t achieve significant and rapid growth without embracing a systematic, replicable and data-driven approach to building and cultivating your sales operation.

Our research has surfaced a massive shift in how the most successful sales organizations are being designed and run. Simply put, success relies on a strategic rather than tactical approach. Our research also uncovered the elements that are always present in high-growth sales machines. We compiled these into an 8-point framework that is essential for any organization wanting to drive scalable, consistent revenue growth.