Announcing TOPO Summit 2019

We’re excited to announce that TOPO Summit 2019 will take place April 17 – 18 in San Francisco. TOPO Summit is the only event where the world’s best companies share exactly what they do to achieve scalable revenue growth. With over 2,000 sales and marketing professionals in attendance, Summit is a great opportunity to learn about the specific best practices, insights, and behaviors that drive exceptional growth.

Announcing the TOPO Weekly Brief

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We’re excited to announce TOPO’s first newsletter: the TOPO Weekly Brief. Every Sunday morning, members receive a roundup of the week’s most important sales and marketing news, recently published TOPO research and tools, and announcements about upcoming events and research initiatives. If you’re a sales, marketing, or sales development professional, the TOPO Weekly Brief has to be on your reading list.

The 2017 TOPO Summit

The 2017 TOPO Summit is less than three months away! This year’s Summit will build on the success of last year’s, where over 650 sales leaders attended 33 different sessions and workshops to learn how the world’s best companies grow as fast as they do. This year, Summit will take place April 12-13 at Pier 27 in San Francisco, where you’ll be able to learn from, and collaborate with, over 1,000 sales and marketing leaders.

Sales Summit: Introducing TOPO’s Annual Sales Conference

We’re excited to announce that the TOPO Sales Summit will take place April 7-8 in San Francisco. The Summit is a new conference where 600+ sales leaders representing over $50B in high growth revenue will share the specific best practices, patterns, and plays that they use to drive exceptional revenue growth. Our objective is to make the Summit the most valuable sales conference in the world. You’ll have access to over 30 sessions, workshops, and keynotes focused on the hottest topics in sales leadership, sales development, sales technology, and sales effectiveness. You’ll also have a great time at our Summit Bash, exclusive dinners, and 1:1 networking sessions.

TOPO Demand Generation Council #4 – A Recap

Last Friday, TOPO hosted the fourth meeting of our Demand Generation Council at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park. Like other TOPO Council meetings, we focused on providing a forum for leading demand gen practitioners to learn from each other. Each Council features three speakers who share the processes, plays, organizational elements, and technologies they use to drive key revenue metrics. Demand Generation Council #4 attracted over 30 demand generation leaders who were interested in learning about different strategies and tactics. Once again, overall demand gen process, specific programs, and supporting technologies took center stage.

High Growth Sales Development: An Interview with Nick Simmons

As part of TOPO’s ongoing interview series with leading sales development leaders, today we interview Nick Simmons, Senior Manager of Sales Development at Twilio. Twilio is one of the fastest growing companies in the world and enables phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. Nick will share his thoughts on sales development best practices, goals, challenges, technology, and metrics. Note that Nick and Twilio refer to sales development and SDRs as business development and BDRs respectively.

TOPO Sales Technology Council #1 – A Recap

TOPO hosted its inaugural Sales Technology Council last Friday at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park. TOPO Councils provide a forum for leading sales practitioners to learn from each other. Each Council features three speakers who share the best practices, strategies, and tactics they use to drive revenue growth. This particular event attracted over 30 sales leaders who were interested in learning how to think about the sales technology stack, specific sales tech use cases, and the adoption challenges that continue to plague many sales organizations.

Sales Technology in 2015 – Adoption Challenges Persist

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Last week, we hosted a webinar on sales technology – Sales Technology in 2015: The New Stack. The event provided analysis of the sales tech market, covering topics such as market drivers and macro trends. But the hottest discussion revolved around how to ensure successful adoption of technology in the sales organization. That’s because adoption sales reps remains the number one challenge when it comes sales technology.

Sales Technology in 2015: The New Stack – Free Webinar

Sales technology is the most effective investment sales organizations are making, according to TOPO’s Sales Benchmarking program. In fact, 37% of sales leaders name technology as their most effective investment. Even so, many sales organizations are struggling with the huge number of technology options, as well as the perennial problem of driving successful adoption among sales reps. At this free, live webinar, TOPO Founder, Scott Albro, will discuss what’s driving the boom in sales technology, key market trends, and best practices for adopting sales technology. He’ll share specific examples of how high growth companies are using sales technology as a key enabler of revenue growth.

The SalesLoft Funding and What It Means for Sales Technology

SalesLoft announced that it has raised $10M in venture funding this morning. SalesLoft CEO, Kyle Porter, published a post that provides a lot of details on SalesLoft’s fundraising process. It’s a major milestone for a company that is seeing tremendous growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR)  – the holy grail of successful SaaS businesses. The SalesLoft funding, however, isn’t the only major sales technology event of the last few months. Over the last quarter, we’ve seen a spike in sales technology investment, both in terms of total capital invested and number of deals. Most importantly, the TOPO Analyst team has noticed a significant uptick in sales technology adoption by end-user sales organizations. This uptick is seen in the data we collect from sales (and marketing) organizations, as well as the number of client inquiries our Analysts are fielding.