Flexible Go-To-Market Portfolio, Not a Buzzword But a Necessity for 2021

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The introduction of the TOPO Double Funnel in 2019 showed marketers that it is critical to measure multiple go-to-market (GTM) strategies side-by-side. The TOPO Go-to-Market Framework demonstrates that organizations not only need to find the balance between volume/velocity and account based strategies, but that the two can actually overlap and share tactical approaches.

How To Inject Extreme Value Messaging into Buyer Personas

Sales and SDR teams spend their time communicating with prospects to understand their specific tactical challenges, qualify them as a potential customer for the solution, and schedule a more detailed meeting. The more they know about the specific buyer personas that they are communicating with, the more relevant their messaging becomes and the more successful they will be at achieving their objectives.  

How to use High Value Offers To Get a First Meeting or Re-Engage Stalled Opportunities

Drive prospect engagement by aligning to the attributes of high value offers. A primary function of the go-to-market team is to determine how best to engage prospects in order to progress deals and drive revenue. Organizations that have the most success in driving prospect engagement are those where cross-functional teams come together to create and execute offers that are so compelling and relevant that prospects consider it worth their time to engage. This gets the various teams acting together to make connections with targeted accounts rather than working in silos.

Lead-to-account matching and routing solutions are the answer to the unanswered

Lead-to-account matching and routing solutions have become a critical piece of the infrastructure required to support these sophisticated GTM organizations. As marketing, sales and the emerging function of revenue operations have become more sophisticated and go-to-market (GTM) processes have become increasingly complex, the technology to enable GTM activity has flourished.

New Reality: How to Engage Buyers Right Now

As companies reinvent their sales and marketing efforts, the number one challenge remains how to effectively engage buyers. Based on the popular keynote from Virtual Summit and On-Demand Webinar from CEO and Founder of TOPO covers the topic of how to engage buyers right now.

Responding to a Crisis: A New Revenue Framework

The global pandemic caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) had repercussions in the business environment unlike anything we have ever seen. Marketing and sales organizations have had to adjust to new ways of working and communicating with buyers with a previously unimagined degree of speed and agility.

Intent data has emerged as a fast-growing data category

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Intent data reveals the topics that companies are actively consuming across the web. This data may be collected from a single publisher such as TechTarget or from a broad array of sites such as Bombora. Significant increases in research about a specific topic can be used to identify companies that are actively researching new solutions.

Demand Generation: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

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“Don’t go chasing waterfalls.” – TLC

TLC didn’t know they were singing to Demand Generation when they wrote their famous song. Too many Demand Generation professionals are chasing waterfalls and its now time for Demand Generation to bring a fresh perspective to align the organization.

73% of Account Based Org’s Are Reinventing Account Selection

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The list of accounts have shrunk and the account based process now begins with re-prioritizing accounts and re-allocating resources accordingly. Marketers need to understand how to prioritize this Account Based GTM approach with a new reliance on an entirely digital set of tactics.

6 Tips To Turn Insights Into Extreme Value Messaging

As we look ahead to the next 3-6 months, organizations need to set up the organization to continuously collect insights and craft relevant messaging to engage customers and buyers. Below is session from our Virtual Summit where Dan Gottlieb our Sales Analyst, shares how companies are setting up “the newsroom,” turning insights into extreme value messaging and plays.