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February Sales Development Practice Update

In February, TOPO customers benefitted from some amazing additions to the customer community, two incredibly successful TOPO events, and two new research documents on the latest and most impactful trends in sales development.

February was a big month for our subscription customers, who are reaping the benefits of a newly launched initiative to significantly expand our subscription product. Over the next few months, TOPO will be rolling out more and new types of content to have a greater impact on both sales development leaders and individual SDRs. Our subscription customers have always benefitted from the latest and most actionable research and data from top sales development teams at high-growth companies. However, we have doubled down on our dedication to provide our customers with the strategies and insights that impact the way they do business. This augmented subscription package will provide SDRs, managers, and executives with a consistent stream of valuable content, workshops, tools, exercises, and frameworks delivered to them throughout the year. We will cover the highest impact topics in sales development, and enable organizations to optimize these topics. Each new topic will offer actionable insights into the process, plays, organization, technology and metrics that drive success at top performing sales development organizations.


TOPO’s 2014 Sales Development Benchmark Report in now available. Our analysts set out to answer a simple question: what separates the best sales development teams from the rest of the pack? The results are critical for SDR leaders to understand, as they reveal what the fastest-growing companies are doing exceptionally well in sales development. To access the 2014 Sales Development Benchmark Report, please reach out to TOPO’s Research Manager at james@topohq.com.

For TOPO’s subscription customers, we published a research note on “Best Practices for Delivering Impactful Sales Voicemails.” We provide a strategic framework, best practices, tools, and examples for SDRs to deliver the highest impact voicemails to connect with more prospects and convert them into sales qualified leads. To find out more about TOPO’s Sales Development Subscription, please contact bryan@topohq.com.


65 sales development leaders attended an immensely impactful webinar on “11 High Growth Sales Development Best Practices.” TOPO’s Chief Analyst, Craig Rosenberg, hosted the event, and Ralph Barsi did an excellent job moderating. One of the topics discussed was how your sales qualified lead (SQL) definition impacts your overall sales development strategy. Did you know only 27% of high-growth companies are using a traditional BANT framework to build their SQL strategy? For more on that and other high-growth best practices, watch the full webinar here.

TOPO’s Sales Development Council reconvened on February 20 for TOPO’s Sales Development Council Event #4. TOPO’s Sales Development Practice Analyst, Bryan Gonzalez, presented on “Best Practices for Managing the SDR Lifecycle,” addressing short SDR tenures and the need for organizations to optimize their hiring, onboarding, coaching, and promotion process. Sean Kester, Head of Sales Development at Salesloft, spoke next. One of the most impactful takeaways from his presentation was that sales development deserves a seat at the executive table, and organizations should invest more in what should be the revenue-generating engine for high-growth companies. Finally, Daniel Barber, Director of Sales Development and Operations at ToutApp, offered a deep look into sales development metrics that he tracks to drive high performance in his sales development organization. Eschewing conventional methods of tracking SDR performance, he implored the audience to track metrics that actually matter and give you insight into how your team is driving revenue growth for the company. Read the recap at the TOPO blog.


Many exciting new companies joined the TOPO customer community in February, many with our newly improved subscription product. One particularly exciting engagement with a new customer has TOPO’s analysts working on a severe challenge for most companies: aligning the marketing, sales development, and sales organizations. Sales development serves, as it often does, as the crucial connector between Sales and Marketing, and its performance and impacts both organizations greatly. TOPO is working to standardize the process and plays the SDRs execute, so that the organization at large has a standard way to track performance and more importantly, measure and optimize SDR output. This standardize in execution will allow for standardization in reporting and metrics that will allow the sales and marketing organizations to communicate better with one another, and set clear expectations and effective SLAs.

The sales development community can look forward to more great things to come over the next few months. We are planning our Sales Development Council #5 for mid-April. Our subscription product will continue to expand its scope to better serve our customers. And as always, we will continue to contribute valuable research and content, and bring the best and brightest in the sales development community together. To discuss anything regarding TOPO’s Sales Development Practice, feel free to contact bryan@topohq.com. For more information in general, sign up for the newsletter.

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