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Introducing TOPO

Today, we’re excited to introduce TOPO. We’re a research, advisory, and consulting firm that believes in a really simple, but powerful idea – that all revenue can be distilled down to a series of conversions. By connecting everything we do back to this core idea, we help sales and marketing organizations exceed their revenue targets.

Some of the world’s leading companies already depend on TOPO to improve their sales and marketing programs. For these clients, we’re delivering comprehensive audits, specific playbooks, and actionable advisory and consulting services across a range of programs. For example, one of the world’s largest technology companies used a TOPO playbook to increase their “lead to opportunity” conversion rate by 30%. More recently, a startup media company engaged TOPO to increase sign ups for their live events by 41% using a variety of online and phone-based conversion tactics.

So far, we’ve identified and mapped thousands of conversions. These conversions exist across the hundreds of different sales and marketing programs that companies now employ. By understanding and optimizing these conversion points, we’re helping our clients build “revenue machines” that are scalable, controllable, and predictable.

The Power of Conversions

Reducing revenue down to a series of conversions is a powerful act. It allows companies to identify, understand, and optimize the interactions with a customer that will determine revenue achievement.

By their very nature, conversions bring a number of benefits to a company’s sales and marketing efforts. Most importantly, conversions offer growth, scale, and leverage to a business. Well-defined conversion points are controllable and repeatable. In many cases, they can also be automated and instrumented. Finally, conversions can be optimized over time and with enough data can become predictable. In a nutshell, conversions have the power to transform a company’s sales and marketing efforts into a revenue machine.

While there’s power in conversions, the conversion landscape can be quite complex. Conversions are numerous and varied. Many sales and marketing programs consist of dozens of conversion points. Conversions can take place online, via traditional media channels, over the phone, and in person. Business-to-business conversions can look very different from their consumer counterparts. There are even industry-specific conversions that companies must account for.

As such, it’s critical that sales and marketing organizations have a framework for understanding the conversions that matter. That’s where TOPO comes in. We help our customers understand conversion best practices so that they can build and operate their own revenue machines.

What We Do

TOPO provides our clients with audits, playbooks, and services that demonstrate how to design, build, and manage hundreds of different types of sales and marketing programs in a conversion-centric manner. Some of our most popular programs include:

  • Buyer Personas
  • Content Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Inside Sales
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Qualification
  • Marketing Technology
  • Sales Technology
  • Social Marketing
  • Social Selling

Across hundreds of different programs, we’ve mapped thousands of conversions that determine whether a company will meet its revenue targets. It’s these conversions that form the foundation of the three products we deliver to our customers: audits, playbooks, and consulting and advisory services.

1. Sales and Marketing Audits

TOPO audits provide clients with a deep understanding of how their current sales and marketing programs stack up against best-in-class programs. During an audit, we focus on understanding the client’s existing process, organization, technologies, and metrics. We pay particularly close attention to the key conversions that determine the performance of a given program. This information forms a baseline that allows TOPO to recommend specific best practices designed drive quantifiable improvements in the program.

2. Sales and Marketing Playbooks

TOPO provides marketing and sales organizations with specific, actionable playbooks that demonstrate how to design, build, and manage hundreds of different types of sales and marketing programs. TOPO playbooks focus on *how* to do something in a really specific way. Every playbook we create is based on a simple, three-part system of best practices, case studies and examples, and interactive tools. We’ve discovered that this simple pedagogy is the best way for our clients to quickly and dramatically improve the sales and marketing conversion points that drive revenue.

3. Advisory/Consulting Services

We also offer advisory and consulting services designed to make it easier for clients to put our audits and playbooks into practice. Customers use TOPO consulting services to customize playbooks to meet their specific sales and marketing objectives, while they use advisory hours for things like workshops or training sessions.

When you put it all together, customers are able to engage with TOPO in the manner that best meets their needs. For example, a Fortune 500 telecommunications provider recently used our Inside Sales Playbook as the foundation of a multi-day sales training designed to increase sales conversion rates. Similarly, a fast growing cloud computing startup used our Content Marketing Playbook and a TOPO-hosted, day-long workshop to kick start their content marketing efforts. More recently, one of the world’s largest technology companies engaged TOPO over a four-week period to customize our Marketing Automation Playbook to their specific requirements.

Five Guiding Principles

We’re big believers in guiding principles, particularly when it comes to creating value for our customers. Here are the five principles that define the work that we do for our clients:

1. Deliver meaningful impact
TOPO is committed to delivering knowledge that has a meaningful impact on our customers’ revenue. Whether it’s training a 500 person inside sales team on social selling or educating a single marketer on marketing automation software, we are passionate about changing our customers in a materially better way.

2. Focus on “the how”
We believe that companies and professionals want specific, actionable information that focuses more on the how than the what. That’s why everything we deliver to our customers is based on a set of best practices, examples, and tools designed to teach clients how to optimize a certain sales and marketing function or conversion point.

3. Specificity wins
One of our fundamental beliefs at TOPO is that specificity wins. While the internet makes plenty of thought leadership and high level pontification available to anyone who wants it, most people struggle to find information that is specific and actionable. Backed by real data, our library of sales and marketing best practices delivers specificity that can be put into practice right away.

4. A professional pedagogy
Every client engagement at TOPO is based on a simple, three-part system (a pedagogy) that’s designed to teach sales and marketing professionals how to do something in a specific, actionable way. The three components of the TOPO pedagogy are: specific best practices; case studies and examples; and interactive tools and templates.

5. Make it easy and fun
Finally, we make it easy and fun for sales and marketing organizations to drive higher conversion rates and revenue. TOPO audits, playbooks, and services are available in different formats that make them engaging, interactive, and social. We make extensive use of features such as interactive exercises and our content is designed to be accessed anywhere, anytime.


The founders of TOPO are Scott Albro, Craig Rosenberg, and Dan Stalker. We like building fast-growing, lean companies in markets that are dominated by big, slow companies (what we like to call dinosaurs). We are committed to our customers and pride ourselves in the level of value and service we deliver to each and every one of our clients.

Scott is an entrepreneur at heart with over 15 years experience building startups in Silicon Valley. Together, these companies have created a little over $1.5B in shareholder value. Craig is one of the world’s foremost sales and marketing experts. Over the years, he’s helped hundreds of companies design, build, and optimize their revenue strategy, process, and tactics. You can see what a true sales and marketing expert Craig is at his popular blog The Funnelholic. Dan is also a sales and marketing expert with over 20 years experience helping clients exceed their revenue objectives.

In fact, you’ll find that TOPO’s extended team consists of some of the world’s foremost sales and marketing experts. For us, the primary determinant of whether someone is a true expert is how much hands-on, practical experience they have in a particular area. TOPO analysts and contributors typically possess years of hands-on experience as well as excellent critical thinking skills, a strong desire to learn, and great communication skills.

The Journey Ahead

We’re just getting started at TOPO and it’s an exciting time for us. We promise to create a lot of value and have a lot of fun on the journey ahead. If you want to join us for the ride and learn a lot about how you can exceed your revenue targets, follow our blog and connect with us at the usual places:

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Finally, if you’d like to connect with us directly, you can contact us directly here and we’ll be in touch.

Scott, Craig, and Dan

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