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October Sales Development Practice Recap

In October, the Sales Development Practice completed our Sales Development Benchmark Report. The read-outs have begun, and our participants are benefitting from understanding how they stack up against their peers. Additionally, we are preparing for our Sales Development Council event #3 on November 14th and are thrilled with the group we’ve assembled. As always, we have new and exciting client advisory projects and appreciate the opportunity to help such great clients build and optimize top-notch Sales Development teams.


October was a big research month for TOPO’s Sales Development Practice. We spent most of the month analyzing data to support our annual Sales Development Benchmark Report, which reveals the patterns, plays, and behaviors that define the most successful SDR teams. Did you know that best-in-class Sales Development teams are passing an average of 23.4 leads per SDR per month? And that’s with a tight lead definition that combines BANT criteria with narrow demographic filters. If you participated in the benchmark survey, make sure you receive your free report and read out by contacting James Crane at james@topohq.com. If you have yet to participate, but would like to, please contact James to schedule time for your benchmark.


Our upcoming Sales Development Council event is scheduled for Friday November 14th at the Rosewood Sand Hill, and filled up in less than 24 hours. Our speaker line-up is amazing, with Mark Dick from LinkedIn and Mark Wendling from Sumo Logic. They will be sharing many of the tips and best practices that have helped them build world-class sales development functions. We’ll discuss process, plays, organization, technology, and metrics. I’ll also present some of the results from our latest benchmarking survey. You can learn more about the event here http://www.eventbrite.com/e/topo-sales-development-council-3-tickets-13539887167


We continue to support the design, build-out, and management of many of the world’s fastest-growing sales development organizations. This month, TOPO redefined the qualified lead definition for a marketing technology company. Despite having some of the best SDRs we’ve worked with, their qualified lead definition was too restrictive for their market, and inhibited the SDRs from passing the optimal number of qualified leads to the Sales organizations. Our analyst team loosened the definition, and led a half-day training session, designed to help the SDR team understand, and adopt new plays for, the new qualified lead defintion. It’s a new way of thinking for the Sales Development team, but the company has since doubled the number of qualified leads they are passing.

Moving into November, we plan to use the momentum from the Benchmark Report to publish even more great research on the array of topics we didn’t get to cover. Look out for several research notes this month that both dig into specific topics more granularly (like why only 30% of companies are using BANT), and illuminate new angles on the findings in the Benchmark Report. If we don’t see you at the Sales Development Council next Friday, we look forward to having you attend the next one. We are already putting together our 2015 schedule to provide plenty more opportunities to discuss with and learn from your fellow practitioners in the industry. If you have any questions about TOPO’s Sales Development Practice, feel free to contact me at bryan@topohq.com.

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