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Sales Council #3 – A Recap

Over 25 sales leaders from the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies once again gathered last Friday for TOPO’s third Sales Council. These Councils offer a unique forum for sales leaders from high growth companies to learn from each other and share best practices. Each Council features three speakers who share the processes, plays, organizational elements, and technologies they use to drive key revenue metrics.

As usual, we started Council with a lightning round of introductions and asked attendees to share a “hot button” issue. Some hot-button issues that were raised include:

  • Career development for Account Execs
  • Adoptions of sales enablement tools and process
  • Building quality engagement with buyers

Highlights from our Speakers

Our first speaker to present was Greg Tapper, TOPO’s Director of Strategic Consulting, with a focus on improving your revenue chain.

Discussion points from his sessions included:

  • Finding stress points in your sales process that are misaligned with your revenue chain.
  • Creating alignment over stress points, priorities, and how those with influence can build a solution.
  • Understanding team objectives, roadblocks, and implications of each stage to better map your revenue chain.

Our second speaker to present was Kris Caldwell, Director of Corporate Sales at Egnyte, who spoke to the group about how Egnyte is using gamification to enrich the pipeline management process.

Some discussion highlights from his session included:

  • Building a sales process that is informative to the account exec and the wider team, but is not overbearing on the AE.
  • Creating a system of check boxes AE’s must complete in the discovery phase, you set them up for success at later stages of the deal.
  • Matching your sales discovery process to the evaluation and buying process of your prospect.

Our third speaker to present was Craig Rosenberg, Chief Analyst at TOPO, who spoke on some account-based sales plays organizations can adopt for more effective selling.

Some interesting topics that came up during his session included:

  • Deciding which role is best equipped to execute the early stage plays is key.
  • Tracking valuable information from initial sales calls and meetings can gather that is often lost in translation or SalesForce.
  • Building better custom content and high value first meetings in order to yield significant results for your sales team.

Thank you to our speakers and our event sponsors, LeanData and Clearslide.

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About the Author: Kristina McMillan, Director of Research. Kristina has spent over 10 years helping organizations build and accelerate their Sales Development efforts. As a consultant, she developed the sales development programs for successful SaaS companies such Taleo, Eloqua, and Coupa, along with many others, and ran Sales Development for Five9 (IPO 2014). At TOPO, Kristina manages the research organization behind all of TOPO’s practices. She works with TOPO’s analysts to develop best practice frameworks and actionable research that help clients cultivate world-class demand generation, sales development, and sales organizations.

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