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Sales Development Role is a Centerpiece for Account Based programs. And it’s really hard to pull off.

Sales Development role in account based programs is the biggest story in sales development today. The role SDR’s play is a critical piece of the account based movement but its really really hard to pull off. This story and more emerged in the 2019 TOPO Sales Development Benchmark.

As the commoditization of digital buying drives the demand for account-based experiences, marketers have never been more incentivized to partner with sales development.  SDR activity is essential to translating thoughtful programs into meaningful engagement from humans within target accounts. Marketers need SDRs to hold meaningful conversations with high priority prospects at target accounts.

The pressure on sales development role to evolve and meet this challenge presents a new paradigm shift for to think about hiring, enabling, managing and measuring SDRs. Effective orchestration between marketing and sales development leaders proves to be both rewarding and challenging because it requires pooling resources to deliver a unique, thoughtful experience to a potential buyer.

Marketing sees sales development role as top priority for successful programs

88% of account based marketers ranked sales development as one of the most effective channel tactics for account-based programs.  

Sales development needs help figuring out what they’re being asked to do

35% of sales development leaders cited the execution of an account based strategy as a top challenge for their teams.

sales development role in account based programs

Rewarding, as sales development teams continue to be viewed as a strategic component of driving revenue growth for B2B sales and marketing, as seen in the benchmark results of pipeline and revenue that flows through or is generated by the team.

Challenging because sales development needs help partnering with sales and marketing to prioritize accounts and then execute complex high-value offer programs to generate meetings inside those accounts. The execution of account based sales development requires discipline, focus, support, and strong enablement resources.

Account based teams that are doing it well, come together to effectively execute multi-touch, multi-channel, multi-threaded programs within a target account, creating strong orchestration plans and regular feedback loops between marketing, sales development, and sales.

The 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report clearly illustrates the impact of account based but also provides a baseline for sales development organization with different GTM strategies.

The full benchmark report is available for TOPO customer members who rely on the research and advisory to transform their sales, sales development, and marketing organizations into world-class functions.

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