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Sales and Marketing Technology Council #3 – A Recap

Sales and marketing technology leaders joined us at the Four Seasons SF for our 3rd Sales and Marketing Technology Council. These particular councils offer leaders from high growth companies perspective on their target markets and the opportunity to learn from each other.  This council featured three speakers in panel format allowing for questions from attendees as well as moderated questions from our CEO, Scott Albro.

As usual, we started council with a round of introductions and asked attendees to include a “hot button” issue their company is currently working on. Some hot-button issues that were raised include:

  • Scaling product while still meeting current customer needs
  • Identifying adjacent opportunities to sell into
  • Maintaining culture as a company grows in size and becomes more distributed

Highlights from our Speakers

Our first speaker was Jung Min, Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, who shed some light on how Goldman Sachs assists growing companies with the selling or buying process.

Some key topics that came up during Jung’s session include:

  • Currently, many investment firms are focused on companies who can collect demographic information as part of their platform. It’s great to have big data but it needs to be meaningful and useful data.
  • The most attractive qualities a company can have is recurring monthly revenue with predictability around renewal and usage.
  • It’s easier to when someone wants to buy your company than to go through a self-initiated selling process. Make it known to your partners if you are interested in being bought.

Our second set of speakers were Doug Pepper, Managing Director of Shasta Ventures, and Rajeev Batra, Partner at the Mayfield Fund, who discussed upcoming trends for investment firms and what these firms look for in a prospective investment.

Some key topics that came up during their session include:

  • The importance of the “Why Now?” question when deciding whether to invest in a company.
  • Recent trends focusing on systems of engagement rather than on systems of record as was the prior dominating force.
  • Inflection points for companies are related to people and product. Those moments are necessary and often painful, but having the right person or right product at the right time is key.
  • Investors are often looking for people who are passionate, with an axe to grind, and who can’t stop until the problem is fully addressed.

Thank you to our speakers and to our sponsor, Inside Sales Team.

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About the Author: Kristina McMillan, Director of Research.
Kristina has spent over 10 years helping organizations build and accelerate their Sales Development efforts. As a consultant, she developed the sales development programs for successful SaaS companies such Taleo, Eloqua, and Coupa, along with many others, and ran Sales Development for Five9 (IPO 2014). At TOPO, Kristina manages the research organization behind all of TOPO’s practices. She works with TOPO’s analysts to develop best practice frameworks and actionable research that help clients cultivate world-class demand generation, sales development, and sales organizations.

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