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Sales Summit: Introducing TOPO’s Annual Sales Conference

We’re excited to announce that the TOPO Sales Summit will take place April 7-8 in San Francisco. The Summit is a new conference where 600+ sales leaders representing over $50B in high growth revenue will share the specific best practices, patterns, and plays that they use to drive exceptional revenue growth. Our objective is to make the Summit the most valuable sales conference in the world. You’ll have access to over 30 sessions, workshops, and keynotes focused on the hottest topics in sales leadership, sales development, sales technology, and sales effectiveness. You’ll also have a great time at our Summit Bash, exclusive dinners, and 1:1 networking sessions.

Visit the Sales Summit website to learn more.

If you’re a sales professional interested in designing, building, and managing a highly scalable sales function, the Summit will be the most valuable event you attend all year.

Sales Summit Tracks

At the Summit, you’ll have access to over 30 sessions, workshops, and keynotes that cover the hottest topics in sales. With an unparalleled lineup of speakers from high growth sales organizations, we’ve designed the Summit around four tracks.

Sales Leadership – The sales leadership track provides a detailed look into how the world’s best sales leaders design, build, and manager their sales organizations. You’ll learn how high growth companies use sales process, organizational design, sales technology, and metrics to drive exceptional revenue growth.

Sales Effectiveness – The sales effectiveness track focuses on the tactics that individual salespeople can use to drive higher conversion rates, faster sales cycles, and larger average deal sizes. Sessions will cover critical topics such as conducting discovery, delivering demos, and managing the “dark stage”.

Sales Technology – Our sales tech track digs into how technology is transforming the way we sell. Covering much more than CRM, this track analyzes the different sales technology stacks that high growth companies are using in areas like sales intelligence, automation, and visibility.

Sales Development – Covering one of the most important trends in sales today, our sales development track will show you exactly how the world’s fastest growing companies are using SDRs to drive effective lead follow up and outbound prospecting.

TOPO Sales Summit

Summit Speakers

We’ve recruited sales leaders from the world’s best sales organizations to speak at the Summit. You’ll get an inside view into how sales leaders from companies like Box, Google, and LinkedIn design, build, and manage their sales functions. They’ll dig into topics like sales process, key plays, organizational design, tech stacks, and metrics.

You’ll also have access to sessions and workshops lead by the TOPO Analyst team. Driven by data collected from hundreds of high growth sales organizations, you’ll take away specific patterns, plays, and behaviors proven to have a transformative impact on revenue growth. You’ll also be able to spend time with Analysts in Q&A sessions to ensure that your specific issues and questions are addressed.

Finally, Jeff Ma, a member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team and ESPN Analyst, will keynote the Summit. Jeff created an ingenious method for counting cards – using talent, creativity, math and teamwork to win millions in Las Vegas (card counting, by the way, is not illegal; casinos just don’t like it.) Ma was the inspiration for the best-selling book Bringing Down the House and the hit movie, 21, which topped the box office in its first two weeks. Jeff will show you how to use systems thinking, data, and teamwork to make better decisions and achieve faster revenue growth.

Exclusive Parties and Dinners

We’re organizing a variety of social activities at the Summit, including what promises to be one of the best parties of the year – our Summit Bash. The Bash takes place on the Embarcadero in a beautiful indoor/outdoor space with views of the waterfront, cityscape, and Bay Bridge. We have an amazing music lineup, some of San Francisco’s best food, and freehanded bartenders. We’re also hosting exclusive dinners and networking sessions for Summit attendees so you can meet the people responsible for revenue at hundreds of high growth companies. These social events will take place at some of San Francisco’s best restaurants and bars. It’s a great chance to network and talk revenue in a smaller, more engaging setting.

High Value, High Impact

We believe that Sales Summit is one of the best investments you can make as a sales professional. Why? At TOPO, we have a saying that “specificity wins”. In simple terms, this means that we believe the more specific we are in our research, advisory support, playbooks, and events, the more value our clients receive. The Summit is no different. Each and every session at the Summit will provide specific, actionable takeaways that you can take back to your sales organization to increase revenue growth.

What you won’t find here is a bunch of 30,000 foot thought leadership and vacuous pontification. The Summit is about helping you increase revenues with specific strategies and tactics that have been battle tested by the world’s fastest growing companies. Our objective is to ensure you leave the Summit with specific strategies and tactics that will allow your sales organization to grow revenues faster.

We’re committed to making this the most valuable sales event in the world. We hope you can join us at the Summit!

Visit the Sales Summit website to learn more and register. 


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