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September Sales Development Practice Recap

September was a landmark month for TOPO’s Sales Development Practice. Our analysts published new research on underperforming SDRs. Leaders from the sales development community gathered for our 2nd Sales Development Council. The addition of several amazing customers has us hard at work continuing to build leading sales development teams at the world’s fastest-growing companies. 


This month, our analysts sought to understand how leading organizations deal with Sales Development Reps failing to meet quota. As a result, we are proud to publish our September research note, Sales Development Rep Underperformance. We were surprised to find that sales development organizations take so long to resolve underperformance issues, and believe they are suffering significant losses in pipeline growth by not resolving these issues faster. The note provides essential tools to diagnose underperformance and build a performance improvement plan, to help solve for underperformance faster. If you’d like a FREE copy of the note, you can contact me via email at bryan@topohq.com or on Twitter @baagonz.


On the morning of September 12, TOPO gathered 35 of the best sales development practitioners at the Rosewood Sand Hill for TOPO’s 2nd Sales Development Council. Craig Rosenberg, TOPO’s Chief Analyst, kicked the morning off by sharing his latest research: The Sales Development Touches Report. The report provides benchmarks, best practices, and tools designed to increase lead follow up and outbound prospecting connect rates. Our two guest speakers, Kristina McMillan of Five9, and Russ Hearl of DoubleDutch, shared their experiences and best practices in running their SDR teams. Their presentations covered such topics as team design and process, keeping their reps motivated, and optimizing SDR productivity. The continued success of the Sales Development Council has the TOPO team excited about our series of future events. The next Sales Development Council will be held in November. Details will be announced soon.


Every month, we like to share details from the work we have done with a consulting and advisory customer. This month, TOPO is helping one customer redesign their SDR team and launch their outbound prospecting function. While the organization has historically focused only on inbound leads, the outbound team will generate qualified leads in new verticals, and in larger enterprise accounts. Beyond advising the leadership on team design, TOPO is providing the SDRs with ongoing training focused on optimal touch patterns, messaging, and live call execution, to enable each SDR to succeed in their new role.

Overall, September has been an especially fruitful month for TOPO, as we continue to grow and help more companies build great sales development organizations. If you are interested in speaking, or discussing any of the research or other topics in this post, please contact bryan@topohq.com or reach out to us at www.topohq.com.

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