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Top Trends from TOPO Summit Sponsors – Account-Based

We surveyed our sponsors for TOPO Summit 2017 and asked them to identify three trends their companies are following in 2017.  Based on those responses, we will be publishing a series of blog posts over the next three weeks, categorizing their thoughts into five themes: Account-Based, Sales Development, Data, Tech Stack, and Sales Enablement.

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MindTickle – We are moving upmarket and traditional outbound won’t work. Really considering which tools we’d like to use to scale our outreach efforts.

DiscoverOrg – How to properly balance Account Based Everything approach with lead gen focus and measure results of Account Based Everything.

Triblio – Using account based advertising to reach target accounts. This is a continuing trend. But, what is new, is using contacts (1st and 3rd party emails) as the primary way to advertise to target accounts. It’s more efficient and effective. It’s more efficient because marketers are advertising only to specific stakeholders and buying centers which is <5% of the employees at the company at any given point in time. And, advertising to contacts is more effective, because if you are selling to multiple buying centers in one account, you can have different messages for each of the buying center, specifically advertising messaging and CTAs according to opportunity stage.

LeanData – We think that in a decade, it will all be Account-Based Everything. Marketing is becoming a revenue center instead of a cost center. You have to become more focused because now there’s little patience on anything that’s wasting money.

Triblio – Creating a specific stage before inquiry in the demand gen funnel and measuring and managing it-This is a new trend. If, say, their account based advertising generates traffic or target accounts come inbound to the website, they are using reverse IP to score account engagement. That triggers marketing campaigns and orchestrates sales plays. Some companies are even measuring impressions to target account segments as a stage before engagement prior to inquiry.

Vidyard – Whether it’s marketing or sales, the best way to stand out and get the attention of buyers and customers is to personalized your content, outreach and approach. Beyond just customizing your message for each individual, this requires new tactics, mediums and channels that can help to deliver more personal and HUMAN customer experiences. What was that? Did I hear someone say ‘personal video’?? 🙂

Triblio – Using account based marketing in a new way to convert inquiries into sales opportunities. Initial inquiries receive a coordinated “ABM everywhere” approach. For example, when an anonymous visitor from a target accounts comes to a landing page or website, that triggers a relevant sales outreach via social, email, and phone, ad campaign, and web personalization. Nurturing is to multiple contacts and presumed stakeholders of the initial contact from the email inquiry. And campaigns are executed across multiple channels, not just email.

Nudge – Importance of account-based selling & account-based marketing – the strategy of targeting specific accounts rather than lead-based sales/demand generation is once again a major focus for salespeople and marketers. New advances in technology has turned these somewhat older models into a great new solution to improve response rates and close high quality accounts. B2B sales and marketers should explore these strategies and the new technologies that are enabling them.

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