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Top Trends from TOPO Summit Sponsors – Everything Account-Based

We surveyed our sponsors for TOPO Summit 2018 and asked them to identify three trends their companies are following in 2018.  Based on those responses, we will be publishing a series of blog posts over the next several weeks, categorizing their thoughts into six themes: AI and Data, Everything Account-Based, Content and Experience, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Marketing and Sales Development Orchestration, and Sales Focused.

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AdRoll  –  Scaling growth through account based marketing.
Scaling growth results from revenue growing at an exponential rate, while resources are added at an incremental rate. We expect to see a growing emphasis on marketing and sales alignment, focusing on a list of target accounts, and scaling growth by precisely targeting their limited resources on the opportunities that matter most.

Triblio  – Growing ties between ABM and sales automation.
With sales email automation tools, sales reps can now do traditional marketing tasks such as nurturing and qualifying leads. This makes ABM insights directly useful for sales reps. At SalesLoft, sales reps use ABM to trigger outbound campaigns on their own sales automation platform. Reps can view account-level activity in their CRM or in daily email reports and use this increased visibility to activate the right plays at the moment of interest.

Terminus  – One Revenue Team for Account-Based Marketing.
A lot of us have been at organizations where the go-to-market team is not operating like one revenue team. Classic symptoms of this are:

    • Sales and marketing show up to meetings with different numbers.
    • Teams have different goals that are not coordinated or aligned.
    • Marketing functions in a silo and only reports results on leads and activity.
    • Marketing hands off MQLs to sales and sales development, and they kind of take it from there.

It’s time for marketing and sales to stop working in silos and come together as one revenue team through account-based marketing (ABM). A “one team” approach requires building the mindset, processes, and metrics that support marketing, sales, sales development, and customer success teams as they work together to win customers for life at target accounts. Everyone in these teams aligns to create coordinated, relevant tactics to engage buyers, including multichannel digital experiences, tailored content journeys, and human-to-human outreach and experiences such as executive events. At every step of the process, they work towards one set of goals.

Salesforce Pardot – Account-Based Marketing.
Account-Based Marketing thrives on four pillars: identifying target accounts, improving customer engagement, aligning sales and marketing and measuring and optimizing campaign performance. It’s not a new strategy, but it’s a compelling one when the right tools and processes are in place. It literally turns traditional marketing on its head: the ABM funnel looks like the inverse of a traditional marketing funnel.

But what makes this strategy so compelling is the way that it directly communicates with key accounts. It connects very closely with the needs of those accounts and it delivers a specially curated experience that demonstrates not just personalization, but a deeper understanding of a prospect’s pain-points as well as how the solution offered can solve for them. The four pillars of ABM form the foundation that enables marketers to build these deeper, stronger relationships with customers.

Terminus – ABM Integrations Will Drive Awesome Experiences.
Today, a complex ABM program requires hacking your tech stack. But in the very near future, we will have an abundance of integrated platforms and data, the tools to orchestrate across a variety of channels, and the analytics to watch our success. Marketers will be able to adapt quickly when we don’t realize success. There is a lot of energy going in to solving integration and orchestration issues in ABM now, and we will soon see the benefits.

For example, MarTech vendors have integrated intent data with many different platforms, combined LinkedIn Sponsored Content and account-based display advertising, and made progress in developing many other features and integrations that will simplify complex manual processes. This will make ABM easier for the marketer, but more importantly, it will create buyer experiences that are more personalized to and valuable for the buyer.

Triblio – Account-based Demand Gen. 
Marketers are starting to use ABM as a framework for their entire demand gen, not just account-based campaigns here and there. They’re measuring account-based leading indicators (e.g. account activity on the web) and setting account-based goals (e.g. pipeline and revenue impact). This aligns the top of the funnel with the existing sales funnel, which allows organizations to run more powerful and sophisticated full-funnel account-based campaigns. For example, Plex organizes its target accounts into segments, approaches each segment with an account-based strategy, and scales ABM to reach over 40,000 accounts.

Akoonu – Evolution to a single pipeline. 
As sales, marketing and success teams align around account-based everything, the distinctions between marketing funnel and sales pipeline are breaking down. The revenue funnel is becoming the focus of enlightened sales and marketing organizations. 

RadiusAccount Based Marketing.
B2B Marketing is harder than ever. In the Age of the Customer, B2B organizations must think from the outside in and Account Based Marketing is a strategy that does just that. And there is a reason ABM is one of the hottest buzzwords right now, because it works. Your 2018 go-to-market strategy must include ABM if you want to secure large, named accounts.

Demandbase – Maturity in the account-based space – a big step from “why” to “how.”
ABM is a household term these days, but more companies are looking to go beyond the basics and really understand the tactics and best practices that go into a winning ABM strategy, including sales and marketing alignment, full-funnel ABM and strategic ABM partnerships. “

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