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Top Trends from TOPO Summit Sponsors – Tech Stack and Data

We surveyed our sponsors for TOPO Summit 2017 and asked them to identify three trends their companies are following in 2017.  Based on those responses, we will be publishing a series of blog posts over the next several weeks, categorizing their thoughts into five themes: Account-Based, Sales Development, Data, Tech Stack, and Sales Enablement.

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Tech Stack

 DiscoverOrgSales Development Technology Adoption Will Explode as Traditional Email Marketing Evolves. Email deliverability through traditional marketing automation systems is increasingly difficult, with inbox placement rates down by 11 points in just the last year as spam filters become increasingly sophisticated. New sales development technologies, like Outreach and SalesLoft, enable a coordinated orchestration between emails and call sequences, as well as between sales and marketing. This ensures one-to-one personalized outreach from the sales development rep, supported by nurturing content from the marketing team’s more traditional outreach methods.

Microsoft – Digital transformation in sales

Cirrus Insight – Consolidation. With so many apps to choose from, there is rising app fatigue. We expect more M&A and consolidation over the next 12-24 months.

DiscoverOrg – Sales and Marketing Technology Integration. Sales intelligence technologies, for example, will need to get better at helping customers identify the right leads across the right accounts while giving marketing greater visibility into those accounts and the ability to leverage those leads for improved content and campaign targeting. This shift will require a more seamless integration between lead generation tools and all the new digital tools used by marketing to reach and engage those leads.

Microsoft – The automation of productivity.

Vidyard – Most technologies that we see coming into the market ultimately center around one main theme: enabling businesses, marketers and sales reps to deliver personal, relevant, interesting and memorable customer experiences that help to build more emotional connections with buyers. It’s all about generating engagement and delivering an end-to-end experience that makes buyers say “wow, I really want to do business with this company and these people”. Game, set, match.


DiscoverOrg – Companies will increasingly look to providers that alleviate the burden of data management while empowering more effective sales and marketing initiatives. By delivering good data into the hands of sales reps and marketing leads so they can take more informed and immediate action. This is especially useful for smaller companies who can now leverage that data to compete against larger rivals in ways that were prohibitive previously.

Microsoft – Intelligence powering actionable insights/prescriptive advice.

LeanData – Campaign Attribution/Marketing ROI. It’s critically important. The traditional marketing role of branding is going to become less of an emphasis. We believe there’s going to be very little budget available for anything that’s not impacting the bottom line.

Lessonly – Data>Dogma.  I know you really think your team will watch your hour-long video, because you’re just pretty darn sure they will, but cut it out. The data spouts insights; our opinions spout preferences.

Find a learning solution that will collect and deliver data to you, help you understand it (you’re busy; invest in a partner who will do the legwork you need—I know one) and then listen to the data.

Dogma is all about top-down opinions being treated like gospel. Your team deserves better. If the data argues with the dogma—go with the data. I know there are plenty of anecdotes that point to data misleading people—but don’t forget about all those times we, as humans, have let dogma do the same.

Use your learning data. Don’t just get excited about collecting it. If you partner with a learning-software company, their dedicated expertise helping you read the data and understand it and act on it should be non-negotiable.

SalesLoft – The number of target accounts in the pipeline marketing is influencing.

Cirrus Insight – Artificial Intelligence. Some of it is exciting, a lot of it is hype. Most of it isn’t actually AI – just computing.

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