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TOPO Sales Council #4 – A Recap

Sales leaders from the Bay Area’s fastest growing companies once again gathered last Friday for TOPO’s fourth Sales Council. These Councils offer a unique forum for sales leaders from high growth companies to learn from each other and share best practices. Each Council features three speakers who share the processes, plays, organizational elements, and technologies they use to drive key revenue metrics.


Our first speaker to present was Ted Purcell, SVP & GM of SMB at Marketo, who focused on his Four Pillars of Sales Management Success.

Discussion highlights from his session included:

  • Build a better sales team culture, which will enable your sales team to build better relationships with prospects long term.
  • Introduce a Business Requirements Document early on in your sales process, in order to ensure success at later stages in your cycle.
  • Change cycle time, when needed, in order to allow for higher nurturing time with Sales Reps rather than having all nurturing focused on the Sales Development function.

Our second speaker to present was Ryan Arnett, VP of North American Sales at OpenGov, who gave an in-depth look into the challenges of selling into government entities.

Some discussion highlights from his session included:

  • How to maneuver the political system that is inherent to selling into government by using value selling.
  • Ensure that stakeholders continue to be reminded of value and expectations each meeting, even if it feels repetitive.
  • Use “old school” sales tactics like snail mail, cold calling, and in person drop-ins to get the attention of the group that is not tech-savvy and email-friendly.

Our third speaker to present was Robert Koehler, TOPO’s Director of Consulting, who focused on recent findings from TOPO’s Sales Benchmark research.

Some interesting topics that came up during his session included:

  • Fix the pipeline problem by emphasizing the execution of the referral play to get to the right contacts.
  • Set yourself up for better demos and conversations by having a discrete discovery meeting, rather than trying to cut corners by combining it with other meetings and steps.
  • Minimize your trial adoption problem by having a trial kickoff meeting, managing the trial with white glove service, and sharing an end of trial report with your prospect.

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