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TOPO Summit 2019 – Learnings from Leading Sales and Marketing Practitioners

TOPO Summit is an opportunity to see exactly how over 50+ leading companies have achieved scalable revenue growth. Every speaker at TOPO Summit shares specific marketing and sales best practices, as well as insights on what’s working (and what’s not). We’re excited to share what some of those speakers will be presenting on, but we also encourage you to keep an eye on our agenda for more information.

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Account Based

Eric Wittlake, TOPO – 2019 TOPO Account Based Benchmark
Account based strategies have shown to increase a company’s ACV by 33%, and drives closed/won rates of 11% with targeted accounts. Account based is now a key part of any marketing team’s strategies, and expands to include sales development, sales, and customer success. Join Eric for a discussion of the key highlights from our 2019 Account Based Benchmark, and what that means for the future of account based strategies.

Gemma Davies, ServiceNow – Managing ABM On a Global Scale
Implementing ABM at an enterprise organization is a challenge on it’s own, but scaling account based programs to a global scale was the primary challenge for the ServiceNow marketing organization in 2018. Gemma will be sharing how she and her team built organizational investment into ABM, aligned account based to the company’s strategic goals, and traveled 5.6 times around the world building those out.

Danny Nail, SAP – What It Takes to Build Scalable ABM Content
Sales and marketing alignment is always a bit of a sore subject, particularly at organizations as large in scale as SAP. For creating the best customer experience though, it is necessary and profitable. Danny will be sharing how he built a scalable approach to content building to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.

Perri Garner, DocuSign – How We Built the ABM Charter at DocuSign
Coming into a new organization and enacting change is always an adventure. Coming into an organization and rewriting their book on account based? Definitely taking the path less traveled by. Join Perri as she explains how she built the ABM charter at DocuSign including their first industry pilot of their new program and how they are scaling into other verticals.

Marketing Ops and Tech

Greg Hessong, TOPO – The Modern Marketing Technology Stack 

Marketing technology drives decision making, account based efforts, attribution, outreach automation, customer marketing, and more. The modern marketing technology stack also involves many moving pieces, vendors, and integrations. Join Greg for a discussion on the latest advances in the marketing tech stack, and how marketing ops teams are helping to drive revenue at some of the fastest growing companies.

Joe Paone, Splunk – The Road to $5 Billion: Splunk’s Journey to Scalable Demand Generation
Splunk grew to $1B without a marketing team in place before realizing it was time to add one.
Building a new demand gen function where none existed is one thing, but Joe and his team didn’t stop there. Joe will share how they established a dashboard mentality in both the marketing and sales organizations, taking a quantitative approach to marketing spend decisions based on pipeline. He’ll also share some winning tactics Splunk has used to engage target audiences at scale.

Erich Zeigler, CircleCI – Flex Marketing: Defend Every Dollar You Spend
CircleCI Head of Marketing Erich Ziegler will share the flexible marketing methodology he developed over 7 years at Netflix, and then scaled to PayCycle, Ring Central, and CircleCI. Come listen to Erich talk about what SQLs, the Super Bowl, and longevity in marketing have to do with data and ROI, and leave with a methodology and action plan for bringing this back to your business.

Gina Reese, Cloudera – Building a better ROI tracking machine (and finally answering those questions from your CMO)
How are specific marketing activities impacting revenue? It’s a simple question, often followed by complex and incomplete answers. Learn how Hortonworks (now Cloudera) built a better machine for tracking marketing spend and revenue across all levels of marketing activities and channels, bringing ROI clarity across the campaign hierarchy.

Sales Development

Dan Gottlieb, TOPO – TOPO 2019 Sales Development Benchmark 

Sales development is a key component in the sales cycle, and set the stage for building a relationship with a prospect. Our latest TOPO research shows that SDR’s from high growth companies send an average of 74 emails per day, along with making 45 dials per day. Join Dan for a conversation on our 2019 Sales Development Benchmark and how you can apply our insights to help scale your Sales Development team and their outreach.

Julie Drimel, Oracle | Netsuite – Managing Business Development Reps on a Global Scale
Expanding BDRs internationally is a challenge that few can take on, and particularly at the scale that Oracle | Netsuite demands. Julie Drimel will be sharing how she expanded her BDRs internationally including her learnings, differences in regions, differences in the teams, how they expanded outbound (even in the era of GDPR), and scaling best practices from the US to EMEA and JPAC.

Kevin Dorsey, PatientPop – Creating a Machine That Lets SDRs Be Creative
Kevin is known for his, how shall we say…creative sessions involving multiple memes and giphys. We’re looking forward to his session this year on creating a cadence playbook for SDRs that gives them structure, but also some freedom. He’ll discuss building snippet libraries based on persona, testimonials, and industry of prospects, and how his team uses these tools for effective outreach.

Mya James, New Relic – How to Avoid Messaging Fatigue with Your SDRs
It’s always great to have both marketing and sales sending messaging to prospects and customers. What’s not so great is when these are not coordinated, have completely different messaging or offers, or go to the wrong person. Mya will be sharing how she implemented a coordinated messaging effort with the marketing team focused on understanding who owned which communication, which segments of customers each team would address, and ensuring that marketing messaging matched sales.

Sales Ops and Tech

Garrett Cole, TOPO – The Modern Sales Technology Stack
Sales technology drives outreach, territory planning, sales development metrics, note taking, and more. The modern sales technology stack also involves many moving pieces, vendors, and integrations. Join Garrett for a discussion on the latest advances in the sales tech stack, and how sales ops teams are helping to drive revenue at some of the fastest growing companies.

Michael Hargis, Axiom – Building a World Class Sales Ops Team
Implementing an account based approach to sales ops allows team to embrace being data driven, scalable, and fast growing. Michael will be sharing how his team created a Propensity to Buy model to build a prioritization model for accounts, designed a usable system for territory balancing and optimization, and helped set benchmarks for account load, cycle times, TAM, and territory optimization.

Alex Jaffe, Procore – Operationalizing Sales Enablement
Sales enablement is one of the hottest topics for the TOPO analyst team, and the Procore sales ops team is setting the bar for scaling sales enablement programs. Creating an SDR program focused on onboarding, certification programs, boot camp, and continued training was a result of the organization realizing they had to value sales training and that EVERYONE is responsible for enablement. Alex will be sharing the results of this program and how it has helped to shape success for employees, the company, and the sales enablement team.

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